Rockie Weekly Horoscope

May 2 to 8

General Forecast

If you know your ascendant, read it too.

May Day can be a play day as flirtatious Venus favors both passionate Pluto and not-so-sexy Saturn. On Friday Saturn in picky Virgo comes out of the retrograde session that began at the winter solstice, and Mercury enters Gemini, the mobile air sign it rules, and where it’ll wander until July 10. Early Monday morning there’ll be a pleasure-loving, down-to-earth Taurus new moon to get us through assorted Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Next Friday, May 9 Jupiter in Capricorn goes retrograde until Labor Day, and Mars finally leaves Cancer, where it’s been since September 28, for Leo. Lots of changes.


Mar. 20 - Apr. 19

Money could matter more than it usually does simply because the pragmatic Taurus sun and appreciative Venus are transiting through your second house of assets and acquisitions. If you can resist temptation, wait until the Taurus new moon on the 5th initiates a new lunar cycle before buying or selling stuff. Unfortunately, this caveat might be difficult to follow. While designer-friendly Venus forms rewarding trines this weekend with Saturn and Pluto, a much-coveted item of your dreams will probably be on sale.


Apr. 20 - May 20

(April 20-May 20) Like your neighbor the Ram, the Bull may be seduced by the attractions that catch your eye this weekend. Why not use Monday’s Taurus new moon magic to let your psychic friends know what you really want for your birthday? While your luxury-loving Venus ruler is in your sign, you shouldn’t be reticent about expressing your desires. Besides, it’s Beltane, baby! This is also a good time to solidify travel plans for the months that free-spending Jupiter in your house of long distance destinations will be retrograde: May 9 to Sept. 7.


May 21 - Jun. 20

One thing leads to another; a maxim that could strike home once your Mercury ruler enters Gemini on May 2. What you might notice immediately is that restrictive Saturn in your house of commuting and communicating is beginning to look forward after nearly five months retrograde. Time for another vehicle? Maybe upgrade your printer? Because this is the last week in a long while (until July 4) that you won’t be affected by Mercury’s impending retrograde, you should consider dealing with these matters ASAP.


Jun. 21 - Jul. 22

Remembering that your ruling orb is exalted in the sign of the Bull can make the Cinco de Mayo new moon particularly significant to the open-minded, openhearted Moon Child. This lunar cycle focuses on friends and associates and, because productive Taurus governs that area, achieving the goals you have in common. If independent Mars in your sign since October encouraged you to think first of yourself and act on your own, you should know that its transit ends on the 9th. Another change: enthusiastic Jupiter turns retrograde in your Capricorn marriage house that day.


Jul. 23 - Aug. 22

Haven’t you noticed that when the sun is passing through your Taurus midheaven, you tend to be offered one career opportunity after another? Monday’s merger of the exalted Taurus moon and your creative sun ruler could attract a great gig, one with obvious potential for success. Even if the challenge seems somewhat daunting at first, you will have help: As of the 9th, energetic and gutsy Mars will be working its way through Leo until July 1, providing both the daring and endurance to maintain a competitive edge.


Aug. 23 - Sep. 22

Along with a promising new moon in your Taurus house of life-long aspirations and long trips, there are quite a few changes this week. Watch what happens when pragmatic Saturn in early Virgo comes out of a five-month retrogression and points you to the future. Its provocative square to your Mercury ruler, in mobile Gemini as of Friday, could help you make a commitment to attaining a purely personal goal. Jolly Jupiter’s back flip in your Capricorn house of risk and recreation on the 9th shouldn’t stop you from having fun, just from spending a fortune pursuing it.


Sep. 23 - Oct. 22

It may seem a little premature, but if you think you can lend your support to an elderly friend or a resourceful neighbor and receive theirs in return, you probably can. Just give them time to respond to the favorable vibes generated by your sociable Venus ruler. Also of help, the productive Taurus new moon starting a lunar cycle based on sharing resources and accessing other people’s money. Is there a community garden in your future? Note that Mercury will be in air-sign friendly Gemini for the next ten weeks, retrograde from Memorial Day to the summer solstice. Writing? Flying?


Oct. 23 - Nov. 21

The sensual Taurus new moon in your house of significant others can make this Cinco de Mayo a day to remember, particularly since any lunar cycle that begins with margaritas is bound to be interesting. Saturn turning direct at the top of your solar chart should be good for your reputation, replenishing the aura of respectability that may have been tarnished during its retrogression. But the main change starts on the 9th when your Mars co-ruler ends its seven- month transit through mood-fluctuating Cancer and enters Leo, the sunny sign governing your career.


Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

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