Preaching to the choir

Burlesque isn’t so virginal, but then was Mary, really? “I’ve never been one to disagree with Catholic doctrine,” says La JohnJoseph, who, as the Madonna, preaches against abstinence-only education (“It doesn’t work—I’m a virgin mother, for goodness’ sake!”). La JJ can’t prove that Mary was unsullied, but with America’s Next Top Mary, we see she certainly didn’t lead a boring life. Highlights include Julie Atlas Muz (as God) doin’ it with Jo Boobs; Dirty Martini giving birth to a chicken; Legs Malone in a “morning-after” routine; Darlinda Just Darlinda seducing baby Jesus; and Tigger! doing “something hilarious and acrobatic.”
Mon., May 19, 10 p.m., 2008
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