May 23 through 29

General Forecast

If you know your ascendant, read it too.

The Memorial Day weekend begins with a frustrating sun-Saturn square, a difficult aspect associated with hassles and delays, especially since the sun is in Gemini, the sign overseeing movement and messages. Venus entering Gemini on Saturday adds a certain charm and a touch of romance to the holiday atmosphere, but before the weekend is over, the goddess also encounters a problem with restrictive Saturn in Virgo. The main thing to remember, whether you’re on the road, at the airport, on your phone or in front of your computer is that Mercury will turn retrograde Monday morning. And to compound whatever confusion that event may cause, impressionable Neptune flips into reverse thirty minutes later. Try to stay focused.


Mar. 20 - Apr. 19

Seems like old times? Mercury and Neptune going into reverse ties together two areas of your solar chart, i.e., a group you sometimes join up with and the trips you occasionally take. Mercury retrograde in your Gemini house of communication and travel can mess with email, airplane reservations, etc. Neptune retrograde in your Aquarius house of associates and aims you have in common may make those goals and the people advocating them more confusing than you originally thought. No biggie, just a warning.


Apr. 20 - May 20

(April 20-May 20) That’s it; you’re off the hook. Without a planet in Taurus calling attention to your every move, your every desire, you’re able to fade into the woodwork and reclaim your privacy. Memorial Day weekend might be somewhat tricky, but that’s because your sociable Venus ruler, newly placed in dualistic Gemini, is tested by stern Saturn in Virgo. Criticism from older family members? Two party invitations? Mercury retrograde in your house of assets and values suggests you delay making big purchases until the July 4th weekend is over.


May 21 - Jun. 20

Chances are you’ll be more affected by Mercury’s retrograde trip through Gemini than most. However, you’re also the sign that knows how to best deal with retrogressions. Some Twins bite the bullet and go on a road trip visiting family or friends from the past. Others assume that, since they won’t make any progress during retrograde, they may as well take a vacation. Still others use retrograde periods to work on a project that’s been tabled. Appreciative Venus in your sign until June 18 can make any choice worthwhile.


Jun. 21 - Jul. 22

Friends and funding are linked together this week, and not in a particularly pleasant way. Affable Venus in your house of associates can encounter difficulties when it challenges sensible Saturn in your area of money earned. It might not be a big deal, still and all, who wants to be taken advantage of, again? Mercury turning retrograde in Gemini won’t have much of an affect on your waking life, but if your dreams are more memorable than usual or if you want to play the quintessential hermit crab, lay the blame on the littlest planet.


Jul. 23 - Aug. 22

Whether or not talking, writing or selling impacts your career, be aware that Mercury is retrograde in Gemini, the sign governing communication and commuting, for the next three weeks. That the turnaround occurs in your house of associates and group identification suggests that reaching these people or getting what you need from them ain’t gonna happen. Not the way you intend. Therefore, prepare to be frustrated and willing to revise your information or opinion when Mercury goes direct, the day before solar Cancer begins.


Aug. 23 - Sep. 22

An interesting interlude awaits you. Three planets in Gemini, the sign governing your career, places you very much in the forefront of what’ll be happening. Magnetic Venus attracts attractive people, e.g., more artists, and the creative sun gives them the power to test your mettle. However, it’s your Mercury ruler, retrograde from Memorial Day until June 19th that can drive you to distraction by not delivering what you want when you want it. Perhaps the universe has another plan, such as spreading your good name?


Sep. 23 - Oct. 22

Don’t expect the trains to run on time. Mercury retrograde in your Gemini house of foreign travel and Neptune retrograde in your Aquarius house of recreation and risk could mean that you’re going nowhere fast. But if you insist on taking that trip, despite these warnings, you can always count on your artistic Venus ruler, also in Gemini, to see that you enjoy yourself. Since you’re such a romantic soul, let’s hope that the goddess will throw a love interest or two your way when Venus and Mars get busy on the 6th.


Oct. 23 - Nov. 21

Is something fishy going on at home? Neptune turns retrograde in your Aquarius house of family and foreclosures on Memorial Day. Because Neptune can be the source of fakery and fanatic behavior, check with relatives and/or your landlord before you follow your Mars co-ruler on tour. Mars in glamorous Leo is the quintessential show-biz position, a once-every-two-year transit that can change the direction of your life. Specifically to faraway places with strange-sounding names, filled with natives who have romance on their mind.


Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

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