Marc Jacobs' Brazilian Bombshell Boyfriend!

A review of the Broadway season's best leg-breaking, plus some arm-twisting

Everyone else on the dais, it seemed, was busy trying to get a slot with Xanadu's hunky Cheyenne Jackson. Sunday in the Park's Daniel Evans brazenly proposed marriage to the guy, after which MC Harvey Fierstein rasped: "Can I just watch?" Jackson used his own stage time to say yes to both queens and to announce that he's registered at the Rochester Big & Tall shops. Hmm, I always knew he was extra-large.

Meanwhile, that big-scale talent Kathleen Turner deserves a Tony for a performance she gave at a department store, where she was spotted telling her shopper some intriguingly self-deprecating things: "I lost my waist in menopause!" declared Turner with a flourish—and even more memorably, she exclaimed: "I hate my arms!" Maybe they look like story points.

Over in the fashion world, where everyone hates their thighs, that adorable Marc Jacobs's latest trophy (or one of them) is hairy-faced Brazilian ad man Lorenzo Martone, who had a birthday party in a Mercer Hotel suite that looked interestingly like Marc's. According to insiders, the place was flowing with male models and other eye candy, all debating whether they should indulge in the three-tiered chocolate cake. By the way, Marc and Lorenzo saw Gypsy together, which confirms the fact that they're gay!

Mama’s house: August: Osage County’s Dunagan
Andy Kropa
Mama’s house: August: Osage County’s Dunagan

Here's to next season. Let's hope all the actors remember their lines—of coke. If not, just give them so many pills that they're in a nice place.

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