Zimbabwe's Slow-Motion Horror Show

Does a nation's sovereignty allow it to destroy its own people?

The names and ages are in a report by Eric Reeves, the most authoritative historian of Darfur's genocide, in the May 12 Christian Science Monitor. He asks a question that some of you may find uncomfortable: "How would Americans respond if terrorists—acting on behalf of another country—deliberately killed, with complete military impunity . . . children in one of our nation's schools? Outrage would bring the country to a halt. It would change the very nature of the presidential campaign. News coverage would be unending.

"Washington's response against the offending nation would be swift and destructive. . . . The whole world should respond vigorously to a nation that barbarously bombs kindergartners such as Yusuf Adam Hamid. Instead, we lamely bow in deference to Sudan's 'national sovereignty.' "

Next week: Only intervention by force into Zimbabwe and Sudan will put an end to these slow-motion horror shows.

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