David Byrne: Sonic Architect

The former Talking Head's latest bizarre and brilliant scheme

He's just keeping  your seat warm.
Chad Griffith
He's just keeping your seat warm.

Perhaps the simplest statement being made here is that You, Too, Can Be a Musician, a salient point when the monolithic music industry that helped boost Talking Heads to prominence is in free-fall, but a young, unknown musician has more weapons and potential outlets than ever. This is not David's only dalliance with this idea: On his excellent blog/journal at DavidByrne.com, he recently discussed his attempt to design a carpet of 100 guitar pedals that everyone would have to walk on to enter a benefit for the Kitchen. While this was an even more physical, visceral method of impromptu music-making, he hadn't anticipated a few problems—women in high heels, for example: "Well, we had problems with the building manager on that piece, so I had to pull it out," he tells me. "But I'll try it again somewhere else." It'd be nice if he had an infinite amount of time, and a never-ending glut of available and charismatic places to do that. But in reality, he might want to hurry.

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