Sarah Jessica! Sex Clubs! Chicken Hawks!

In the cabaret, shots of Bachardy (with Isherwood chasers). Plus, glory holes—do ask and do tell.

Maybe you'd be better off at a similar place called the Rainbow Station right across the street, where the $10 admission to the downstairs area will usually nab you just two half-asleep guys sitting on folding chairs—but at least there doesn't seem to be that much banging and spraying!

I de-loused my gay friends Adam and Steve and brought them to see '70s orgasm queen Donna Summer's comeback concert at Mansion, which turned out to be a total lovefest, especially when the creamy-voiced disco star belted her oldies, like the compellingly weird "MacArthur Park" (written way before Martha Stewart's rise; she never would have allowed a cake to be left out in the rain) and "Bad Girls," which defies you not to boogie down to the sadness of prostitution. The whole scene was like Studio 54 all over again—with a lot of the same people! In the crowd, a woman commented on the audacity of the guy rushing towards the stage while trying to look like one of the Village People. But he was one of the Village People! And we will have that recipe again.

But it's time for my annual dose of straight gossip, beep-beep, toot-toot: At his Paley Center birthday salute last week, 80-year-old Broadway songwriter Charles Strouse told me he's the one who insisted that nine-year-old Sarah Jessica Parker be in the smash show Annie way back in 1977 (as I mentioned in my world-famous blog). "I take credit for that," he said. "I don't split that with [collaborators] Martin Charnin or Tom Meehan. They thought she was too serious and gloomy. I said: 'She's an actor. She can do anything!' " Including making us believe she wants to settle down with the creepy Mr. Big! Maybe in Europe they can pass for father and son.

Still life, active lives: Isherwood and Bachardy from Chris & Don: A Love Story
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Still life, active lives: Isherwood and Bachardy from Chris & Don: A Love Story

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