A Third Sudanese Genocide: General al-Bashir's Final Solution

There were two and a half million dead in the last two Sudan genocides—and now a third is on the way

Another SPLM official, Musa Malei adds: "We are not desiring to go to war— we have been forced to fight."

But once that "final solution," conducted by many more forces than al-Bashir's 31st Brigade, obliterates Abyei and its people, who would stop him from finishing up the job in Darfur—and then neighboring Chad? The U.N. Security Council? (Which, by the way, the United States takes its turn to head this month.) Or is the answer to be found in John McCain's commendable vision of an alternative to the feeble U.N.: a band of free nations—"a League of Democracies"—to intervene when a sovereign government commits atrocities against its own people?

And what of George W. Bush's chance to at least partially transform his presidential legacy? A May 27 Washington Post headline read: "Bush Straddles His Hard Line in Engaging Sudan." Mr. President, how about taking a bite out of al-Bashir?

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