Good Taste Invades Times Square. I Hate It.

High-concept blandness in (formerly) low places. Fortunately, some of us are still allergic to it.

Huge posters of SJP decorate the wall, some with her hair half-obscuring her face, some with her chin disappearing behind an apple she is chomping on, Eve-style. (Get it? Bitten?) And by the way, how obnoxious are the creepy ravings of the Observer's Rex Reed and the Post's Andrea Peyser, both of whom have gone on at length in recent articles about the SATC actresses' physical imperfections? "There's nothing wrong with Sarah Jessica Parker that couldn't be cured by wart-removal surgery," sneers Reed. Chimes in Peyser: "When did the story of four aging broads—and these women are about as far from being 'The Girls' as Phyllis Diller is from puberty—turn into a horror show? Time and the tyranny of the camera close-up have not been kind to Sarah Jessica Parker, who at 43, looks positively ghoulish as the still-single Carrie Bradshaw." It's as if Parker and the others are required to look like supermodels, not character actresses playing presumably regular New York women.

Anyway, back to the clothes. At first, I think that pricing everything at $8.98 is a little like all-you-can-eat sushi (how good can it be?), but I am surprised that the Bitten fashions look miraculously like something SJP herself might wear, especially the white wide-legged cargo pants and a black cotton dress that comes in three versions and could take you from a reading of your new book at Barnes & Noble (assuming there are any bookstores still open in the city in the next several months) to a last sad dinner with the gang at Florent.

Piece symbol: Inside the Times Square store
Caitlin Ragione
Piece symbol: Inside the Times Square store

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