Drama at New York's Only Wholesale Farmers' Market

Local drama: the farmers, the merchants, the politicians, and the hooker

Curt Conklin, who owns Homestead Floral Designs, a floral and produce shop in Westchester County, buys from Hoeffner, whom he's known all his life. "I've seen it change from something gigantic and very vibrant, to something . . . still vibrant, but much smaller," he said. "I was upset when the vendors didn't allow the farmers to come to Hunts Point, and I think that the state has neglected the farmers by not putting in a decent facility."

For his part, D'Arrigo is trying to get the Hunts Point produce market refurbished. He proposes that one of the old buildings could then be made into the farmers' market. In his vision, the new produce market for the traditional big wholesalers would be next-door to the old one, which would house the farmers—a perfect one-stop produce shopping setup for stores and restaurants. D'Arrigo will propose his plan to the Economic Development Commission this month.

Meanwhile, Hoeffner and his fellow holdouts will be out in their trucks by the East River six days a week, selling herbs and flowers, then tomatoes and sweet corn and other summer fruits and vegetables, before packing it in for the season around Thanksgiving and waiting to see what next year will bring.

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