AQUARIUS [January 20–February 18]: I'm hoping that six months from now, Aquarius, you'll look back and make the following declaration: "This is the hardest I've ever worked to be free. Liberation has always come pretty easily to me before, but this year, I had to find new ways—complicated, interesting, highly advanced ways—to carve out the space to live the life that I want. I'm glad I was challenged so deeply; it has made me a genius of emancipation."

PISCES [February 19–March 20]: I'm hoping that six months from now, Pisces, you'll look back and make the following declaration: "This year, I was a real artist in the way I lived my life. Everything I did was like working on a beautiful masterpiece. I had a sixth sense about when to shut up and when to speak out, when to pull back and when to push on, when to recharge and when to ripen. Whenever my efforts were ready to bear fruit, I brought them to a climax and moved on to the next adventure. So here's the big question: What can I do to keep cultivating this adroit and graceful approach to being alive?"


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