The Truth About De-Evolution

Devo interrupt your dodgeball game

Those put off by the sybaritic, fleshy look of your average McCarren Park Pool show—bikinis, bandannas, slip ’n’ slides—might show up tonight just to see what happens: Devo, who once ripped the heart out of a song as sexualized as the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction,” may be the band to finally make everybody put a shirt back on. It’s tough to keep track of the various soundtracks, side projects, video games, and kiddie cover bands that the group’s been involved with since its ’75-’85 run as the most oracular of New Wave bands. Photographic evidence indicates that the old yellow chemical-protection suits have almost certainly jumped a few sizes in the interim; a new album may or may not be on the way. But Devo were never a band whose charms depended on youth, spontaneity, or even charm—with luck, they’ll be as awkward as ever out there. Also: Tom Tom Club, Dan Deacon.
Thu., June 26, 6 p.m., 2008
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