CAPRICORN [December 22–January 19] By the year 2100, some human beings will be married to sophisticated robots. So says David Levy in his thesis "Intimate Relationships With Artificial Partners." Let's use his prophecy as a jumping-off point for your meditation, Capricorn. In your fantasies about togetherness, are you unconsciously harboring any unrealistic desires for robotic perfection? If so, are they interfering with your ability to have satisfying relationships with interesting but flawed people? Take inventory of any tendencies you might have to want artificial partners. Then dissolve those delusions.

AQUARIUS [January 20–February 18] "Dear Rob: After a long time of putting up with God's mean-spirited tricks, I decided I'd had enough. So I fired Him. Now I'm going to create a brand-new deity from scratch. Do you have any recommendations on what qualities a truly cool divine being might possess? —Awakening Aquarius." Dear Awakening: One quality your fresh god should have is an appreciation for your originality. You also deserve a deity who likes it when you take your fate into your own hands. That's all I'll say; it's a good time for you Aquarians to shun other people's ideas about the divine influences and brainstorm what's true for you.

PISCES [February 19–March 20] What are the differences between meaningless and constructive fun? What are the distinctions between trivial and life-exalting pleasure? I'm hoping that meditating on these subjects will inspire you to overcome any laziness you might have about cultivating happiness. It's a perfect time for you to attempt this: You're at a potential turning point in your astrological cycle, a time when you could get in the habit of treating your hero's journey as if it were an ever-evolving celebration.


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