Gene Simmons and the Whores He Admires

Kiss-and-makeup with Simmons; trophy-boy update; chats in the middle of the Maddin crowd

In news about another star with large genitals, Madonna is splitting up with Guy! But who'll get custody of all those Golden Razzie awards?

Moving right along, I managed to schmooze with some Oscar-caliber types at the Zeitgeist Films 20th-anniversary party at MOMA, where Todd Haynes and Guy Maddin proved to be so nice they even like each other. Haynes told me his I'm Not There didn't make a lot of money, "but it'll be fine—it's doing great on DVD. All the boomers buy the ancillary Dylan stuff." But shockingly, Haynes doesn't have another film in the works, though he's itching to do Freud's life story sometime. A great idea—Cate Blanchett would be amazing as Siggy!

Maddin, meanwhile, has been promoting My Winnipeg, his documentary about the Canadian city that has been called the Chicago of the North, "but the comparisons are spurious. They were both train-based cities, but Winnipeg died and Chicago didn't." Blame Oprah, I guess. Maddin's approach to creating film magic? "I try to keep a day-care craft-hour spirit," he explained, "where I'm allowed to make a mess and seek parental approval." He also keeps in mind the integrity of Luis Buñuel, who said he never included a frame he didn't like. Nor did he ever do a Matrix sequel. In other words, he wasn't a whore!

Gene Simmons's Family Jewels
Gene Simmons's Family Jewels

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