Trash Talking with Harvey Weinstein

Juicy details plucked from the garbage of a movie mogul

And tricky situations: Nicole Kidman pops up again in a couple of unsigned copies of contracts for The Reader, which is currently filming without her. She dropped out when she got pregnant for the first time with her new husband, Keith Urban, and was replaced by Kate Winslet. The documents contain details that are probably pretty standard for highly paid stars like Kidman: the size of her name in advertising, a guarantee of first-class travel, a right not to have her hair "permanently” colored, restrictions against nudity not already spelled out in the screenplay, the right to keep one of each item of her wardrobe.

But here's a nugget: Kidman agreed on a salary of only $100,000, plus $450,000 if the movie breaks even. That's a pittance for a star in her bracket, but not unusual when an actor really wants to take part in an "art” movie.

Speaking of pittances—although not to the people affected—the documents reveal that Harvey was told that health care insurance for his two housekeepers was going up by $13,080 in the next year. (Hey, I can relate, Harv.)

Harvey Weinstein at a book release party last month
Getty Images
Harvey Weinstein at a book release party last month

As far as office expenses go, I couldn't find any mention of a key piece of equipment that today's mogul must have.

So I went to Staples, bought him a shredder, and mailed it this morning.

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