A dude who knows how to Get Off

Bisexual performance artist Neal Medlyn has described his life’s journey as “dubious, occasionally embarrassing, obscured.” So it’s no huge wonder that this sexually angst-ridden guy—who has not only entertained us with The Lionel Richie Opera and R. Kelly cabaret but also Neal Medlyn’s Land of Make Believe, an Internet-TV kids’ show about stuffed animals with sex issues—has created another profane program to add to his repertoire: Neal Medlyn’s Unpronouncable Symbol, a take on the androgynous inner struggles of the one and only Prince, by way of an engaged cabbie and a holy-rolling libertine. Expect to hear Medlyn jam out to the standard hits and a good chunk of B-sides (bring on “Darling Nikki”) with some help from guest artist Kenny Mellman of Kiki & Herb.
Wed., July 9, 8 p.m., 2008
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