Scotland’s Vaselines reunite, remind you of who they were

This Sub Pop Records 20th Anniversary Music Festival is sure waking the dead: proto-grunge guys Green River, onetime Nirvana collaborators the Fluid, and now the Vaselines, whose discography was originally released by the label in the wake of the band’s 1990 breakup. Kurt Cobain’s loud worship of this Scottish band was always misleading: The Vaselines were far more quirky and twee than Nirvana; their lyrics were better, too. Kimya Dawson et. al also owe a debt. The Vaselines never once played the U.S. in their short lifespan, and before they return to the town that made an ’08 trip possible—Sub Pop’s Seattle—the band is stopping by New York (they play Southpaw tomorrow) and New Jersey. Yell for all-time-great emasculation anthem “You Think You’re a Man,” and don’t count on this ever happening again.
Wed., July 9, 9 p.m., 2008
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