Sex, love, art, and pornoterroristas in Spain

One of the final events was a multimedia spoken-word performance by Diana Pornoterrorista ( She started out encased in plastic wrap, standing against a screen that flashed rapid-fire images, each more disturbing than the one before: war casualties, hangings, decapitations, all intercut with graphic images of childbirth, anal fisting, and American porn star Belladonna giving and getting blowjobs. The juxtaposition of hardcore-sex images with depictions of unbelievable violence was totally disturbing. Meanwhile, Diana cut the plastic off and smeared blood all over her naked body as she read her provocative, sexually charged poetry. During one poem, a friend came up from the audience and fucked her with a dildo as she read: "Expand me/Move me/Impale me/Remind me there are no borders between/Pain and pleasure/Between sadism and tenderness."

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