The Dragons of Zynth Open Siren

Meet the first, and weirdest, and possibly best band on the bill

Clearly, they manage. Coronation Thieves came out last fall; Akwetey says the band's now working on a mixtape, which may or may not involve convincing some of their friends to rap like Ghostface Killah. (He sounded serious about this, in any event.) But for now, the Dragons of Zynth are best experienced in person, in often foreign environments under less-than-ideal circumstances. Early afternoon at Coney Island, for example. "I don't look at it as a challenge, when we're playing with bands who're more sweet and stuff like that," Aku says. "If anything, it's better for us, 'cause we'll stand out. At least you'll remember. But it's so great to be with another band or another artist who's on a similar wavelength. We just got off the Saul Williams tour, and we were all riding high on this other cosmic plane. We really created our own time and space, and everybody was right there, together." Get to Siren on time to try and get there, too.

Get there early.  It'll be worth it.
Justin William Lin
Get there early. It'll be worth it.

The Siren Festival takes over Coney Island Saturday, featuring Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, Broken Social Scene, Islands, Ra Ra Riot, and many others. It's free.

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