What's Wrong with WNYC?

Listeners, including this one, miss the fiery To the Point

That's what To the Point did every day.

Bradford went on to proclaim: "As therefore you love your liberties, my dear countrymen, support and defend the liberty of the press." In the aptly named mass media today, do you find many examples of journalists delivering on Bradford's mandate?

On To the Point's June 30 show, Grace Kwinjeh, the democracy activist from Johannesburg, told Warren Olney this: "Most of my colleagues . . . are actually in hiding now. . . . I believe that the response to the Zimbabwe situation is very slow, like we experienced before in Rwanda. . . . By the time the international community woke up, by the time our African brothers, sisters, and leaders woke up, it was too late."

On this report on the naked truth from Mugabeland, Kwinjeh continued: "The violence is being normalized. It's being made part of the political culture. There's no condemnation of the violence. There's no one in the government calling for the violence to stop. . . . I think that Africa's time has come for us now to compete over dead bodies. . . . What are we saying about how we value the lives of Africans?"

Her desperate question, addressed to the world, was not heard on WNYC in New York.

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