Zivity.com: Updates from a Topless Laundromat Madonna

Following up with the site that promised alternative bodies and female-empowering cash

But what about Zivity's Web 2.0 model? Will the site's models and photographers ever be able to make a living off user votes? Female photographer Icka—who according to Banister, wants to be the next Helmut Newton—has high hopes. "It's likely too soon to tell, but I believe that making a living is what every model and photographer on Zivity strives for. . . I've already received my first royalty check—which went straight to purchasing more camera gear!"

Want to check out Zivity for yourself?  Write to VillageVoice@zivity.com to bypass the normal beta signup and get an inside peek, before the monthly subscription model kicks in and ogling naked women actually costs money.

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Cyan Banister.
More lovely ladies of Zivity here.
photo courtesy Zivity.com


The Lovely Ladies of Zivity
Photos from the subscription-based site of "tasteful" nudity.

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