Rockie Horoscope: What Obama's Birthdate and Time Means

August 1 through 8

It’s Archers born close to the Capricorn cusp who’ll relish the joy and warmth that Venus spreads as she waves goodbye to the Lion, a fire sign as high-spirited as your own. Enjoy the weekend because, after the goddess enters the Virgin’s domain, it’ll be three-plus weeks of organizing, scrubbing and polishing up your act for all of you. This way, come Labor Day weekend, everyone will be prepared to play with the Libras you love to hang with. Plus, you will have already addressed the concerns artistic Venus brought to the conference table.


Dec. 22 - Jan. 20

If you’re a Cap born around Christmas, you can enjoy the weekend as much as your Sagittarius neighbor. If not, use affable Venus’ transit through Virgo, an earth sign as practical and well-organized as your own, to make friends and influence some well-placed people who eschew the glitz and glamour. Therefore, when the goddess joins your Saturn ruler on the 13th, you could be in the enviable position of getting exactly what you want. Planning ahead is what natives of your sign are so good at. Also, knowing foggy Neptune is in your money house, double-checking financial data.


Jan. 21 - Feb. 18

Be prepared. Adopting the Boy Scout mindset should come in handy midweek when your independent Uranus ruler faces stiff opposition from militant Mars. Since this flare up occurs across your financial axis, let’s hope that the worst you’re in for is an argument over money. That being said -- forewarned, forearmed, etc. -- be sure to take a moment on Friday to direct the Leo new moon energy towards something you and your partner really want. Or want to lose. Because this lunation is a total solar eclipse, it packs a more powerful punch.


Feb. 19 - Mar. 19

Read for Aquarius. While the ruckus raised when Mars in picky Virgo opposes innovative Uranus in your sign might have nothing to do with money, it could indicate that a purely personal attack is on the way. Who is the latest party to take offense at your eccentricity and is there anything you can do to mollify them? Should you even bother? At the same time a cloud of confusion can surround an issue regarding work or your pet’s health while awaiting word around the 6th. Verify the information until you’re dead-sure.

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