Straight Men Who Have Sex With Men

Inside the secret world of the straight guise

Unlike some psychology professionals who want to pathologize these men, treat them for sexual addiction, or "cure them" of homosexuality, Kort approaches his clients without an agenda. He also unpacks some of the cultural baggage that contributes to this phenomenon: "They are interested in the sexual contact with other men. They are working through issues of father hunger, lack of touch from other males, and the need for contact with other men on deeper levels that women enjoy with each other and men do not. Some of these men tell me they meet other men and really just want to be held and talk to the other men, but that the men they meet want it to be sexual, so they go through with it but really don't want to. Ironically, since men are not allowed to touch—except for a pat on the butt in sports—they use the sexual realm to find ways to touch each other and receive touch."

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I think that the day will come when our society accepts the true nature of sexual attraction.. People are attracted to sexy people, male or female. Period.


I found this article because of my closet curiosity. I am straight, but I fantasize about oral sex with men, because I do not get it from my wife. A few times, I came close to meeting someone from Craigslist to do this but never have. I was hoping to find others' comments, so I hope my comments are helpful to others.


@joecollens1 " I am straight, but I fantasize about oral sex with men, because I do not get it from my wife." Why don't you fantasize about oral sex with other women? Perhaps you aren't being honest with yourself and possibly scapegoating your wife to explain your desire to be with men.