A Teen Private-In-Training Is Crushed to Death

. . . and his father fights for answers

There's apparently little love lost between Eddie Fremer and Jamesetta Janssen, but she says she thinks that it's time for her ex to let go of his anger.

"It was an accident," she says. "You don't just hate somebody because of an accident."

In fact, she adds, "the Army has been wonderful. They couldn't have been any more helpful than they were—and still are. They would've done the same for his father, but he wouldn't allow them to. They gave Michael everything that a regular soldier would have gotten if he would have died in Afghanistan or Iraq. He got the awards, he got the medal, he got the flag—everything. He went out with the whole thing."

Eddie Fremer
Stacy Kranitz
Eddie Fremer
Michael Fremer
Courtesy of Ed Fremer
Michael Fremer

For Eddie, however, that pomp doesn't make up for the circumstances of Michael's death. Eddie says he isn't giving up his battle with the Army. He's now putting together a pamphlet describing how his son died and explaining why, because of the Feres Doctrine, he isn't allowed to sue the government. He says he plans to hand out the pamphlets in front of the Army recruiting station in Times Square.

"If I run someone over, someone is going to sue me," he says. "I'm accountable for my actions. How come the Army isn't?"

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