Little House on the Prairie crossed with Dracula's dining room
Daniel Krieger
Little House on the Prairie crossed with Dracula's dining room

Location Info


Hundred Acres

38 MacDougal St.
New York, NY 10012

Category: Restaurant > New American

Region: Soho


134 Reade St.
New York, NY 10013

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: Tribeca


Hundred Acres
38 MacDougal Street, 212-475-7500
134 Reade Street, 212-941-9401

Nevertheless, much of Forgione's food is out-and-out delicious. Sea-bass filet is wrapped up in prosciutto and sautéed until the outer layer of pork is browned and the fish inside is buttery. Cockles sit alongside, their brine echoing the salty pork. Lamb loin is cooked medium-rare, and its pink juices are soaked up beautifully by spongy morels. Coco-bean risotto is bright with tiny, translucent dice of preserved lemon. For dessert, there's the grandiosely named "Taste of American Classics," a mini-trio of sweets: Root-beer float with ginger ice cream, a tiny crock of butterscotch pudding, and a two-bite-sized chocolate cake dressed up with cocoa nibs. Meanwhile, at Hundred Acres, the best dessert is just a proper slice of lattice-crust blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream. I suppose it just depends on your taste: Do you want a clever take on American classics, or an American classic?

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