[title of show]: From Off-Off to Enthusiastically Received Broadway Show

They're young, they're funny, and they're telling you they're not going

Their Wicked VIP tix are in the mail.
Carol Rosegg
Their Wicked VIP tix are in the mail.


[title of show]
By Hunter Bell and Jeff Bowen
Lyceum Theatre149 West 45th Street

And like all genuine artists, [title of show]'s makers have an element of defiance in their soul, as they prove with the battle hymn that sends their hypothetical show-within-a-show into performance: "I'd rather be nine people's favorite thing/ Than a hundred people's ninth-favorite thing." Off-Broadway, this number seemed a standard-issue piece of downtown attitude, exactly what you'd expect people to sing in a nonprofit basement east of Union Square. On Broadway, the song seems—is—an act of bravery. The goal of most Broadway musicals, though largely unspoken, is an enforced unanimity of response. A Broadway musical that tells the audience, in effect, "We don't insist that all of you like us, as long as some of you really love us," is truly putting its money where its mouth is. To which the critic, for whom the size of a show's grosses are irrelevant, can only say "Bravo" for the four brave kids who sing the song and their fifth (unseen) partner, Michael Berresse, who stages the show with a canniness—and love—to match its writing.

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