Michael Rosen Fights Back Over East Village Rezoning

Rosen defends himself against 'Yuppie Scum' charge while activists claim conflicts of interest.

David McWater, the former chair of Community Board 3 and a main architect of the rezoning, says that the persistent suspicions about Rosen's intentions are simply conspiracy theories.

Rosen insists that he is just a "little fish in the East Village" and has been unfairly targeted. "Life is complex, and, you know, I'm sure Jerry [Wade]'s motives are great. I just think he's basically having fun in an Abbie Hoffman type of way, but after the protest the next morning, he's with his friends back at Ninth Street Espresso buying $4 and $5 coffee," he says. "I don't see them as much different than me."

In the meantime, folk singer David Peel, who regularly leads the "Die Yuppie Scum!" sing-alongs, celebrated his birthday August 3 outside the Christadora House with yet another rally.

Danny Hellman

Duncan Meisel contributed to this story.

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