Daniel Squadron, The Mouthy Candidate Who Won't Talk

The young dynamo wants to beat veteran state senator Martin Connor without answering too many questions

Squadron insists that he wants to be part of a new Democratic majority in the senate that will bring reforms and progressive legislation. So how does he square taking an endorsement from the senate GOP's biggest backer? No comment. A source familiar with the candidate's thinking said he would disagree with Bloomberg—if asked about it.

Then there's Squadron's own exceedingly thin record. In his blustering endorsement, Bloomberg proclaimed that Squadron's "record [of] getting things done for New Yorkers is already more impressive than many lifelong legislators." Hmmm. Aside from a brief stint as a paid consultant to the Department of Education, running a bar on the Upper West Side with friends, and helping Schumer write a book, Squadron's entire five-year-long career has been politics.

In addition to Schumer, he's worked for Anthony Weiner and Andrew Cuomo. Last year, he was a hired gun working on campaigns for Knickerbocker SKD, the fast-growing consulting firm founded by ex-Schumer aide Josh Isay (whose clients include Bloomberg and other politicians who have endorsed Squadron).

Squadron: Questions too taxing
Daniel Squadron

Squadron: Questions too taxing

There was also a few weeks' work in 2005 as communications director on the campaign to pass the state transportation bond. Squadron touts this mini-job as evidence that he can bring resources to the city. Actually, while the bond act was endorsed by good-government groups, its promotion was paid for by the contractors and building trades who stood to benefit from it, and handled by the state's biggest lobbying firms. Asked how he got that job, Squadron declined comment.

Don't try pressing Bloomberg, though, on Squadron's specific achievements. A couple days after his endorsement, recorded the Daily News' Liz Benjamin, the mayor couldn't quite recall the name. "The new young guy, uh, Brian Sargeant, um, really is somebody dynamic."

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