The Pool's Cinematic Outsourcing

Let them speak Hindi

But they talked. They showed him 45 minutes of the film.

Patekar watched it in complete silence and then, according to Smith, said: "I will give myself over to you."

It's a commanding, charismatic performance, balanced by the naïveté of the movie's younger stars. Guilessness, in fact, seems to inform the entire film.

Venkatesh Chavan  gazes into The Pool's pool.
Vitagraph Films
Venkatesh Chavan gazes into The Pool's pool.

"My whole intention was to go and let our experiences and observations factor into the movie," Smith said. "The biggest thing was to find the actors or real people and incorporate some of the aspects of their life into the story. There were things I knew we could never create sitting at home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I wanted to make something that felt very authentic and true. In India, people are just so excited to be in a movie—it reminds me of when I was a kid, when someone pulled out a video camera and everyone wanted to be on film.

"If you catch someone on-screen here," he added, "they're going to call a lawyer."

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