On the Campaign Trail With MTV Semi-Celeb Kevin Powell

The former Real World star tries to shed his violent rep and enter the real world of politics

On down the bar were Ghana Wilson and Lucy Castillo, who were on the event's hosting committee. They're personal friends of Powell's; Wilson worked with him at Vibe in the mid-'90s, and Castillo grew up with Powell in New Jersey. As expected, they were positive. Wilson said: "Kevin is so much more focused now and interested in serving the public. Everyone changes and grows."

By the time the party started, only about 25 people had shown up. After some musical acts, Powell hit the stage to recite an original poem ("Son2Mother") before giving a brief speech about why he's running. There was no dwelling on his past. The night ended with an informal Q&A; Powell wrote down every question asked.

Now showing: Kevin Powell
Deidre Schoo
Now showing: Kevin Powell

The women lined up to shake hands and, in many cases, flirt shamelessly with him. It was 10:30 when the lights came up, and Powell, who had been going since five in the morning, left the venue with a couple of bodyguards.

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