Interview With an Orgasm Broker

Want to please a woman from across the world? Allen Stein has made it possible for $5.99 a minute.

Q: Has anything ever gone wrong? Have machines or customers ever gotten out of control?

A: Physically, we haven't had any injuries in over eight years. No one has orgasmed to death, though some have come pretty close. The machine in the Museum of Sex in New York, the first Thethrillhammer: if we have a fuck-off, that machine would win. There's something about that machine, it's just amazing. People can't fake it on the Thethrillhammer… That first one was built on an old gyno chair from the 1920s…. The new ones are more comfortable, mostly round, black leather, with memory foam and a back massager. I get a lot of inspiration from the Museum of Modern Art.

Q: Do you really think your site's appeal is just about connecting with women? Isn't there also an element of machine fetishism?

A: Absolutely. Sometimes, it's about the closed-minded homophobia of men. They just don't want to see another guy in porn. Then there are the guys who are just really into the machines—it's a weird niche. Where do I fit in? I've always been preoccupied with the fairer sex and orgasms. I found a perfect job where I could be an orgasm broker. I can help people riding these machines have orgasms, but I can also help the people around the world controlling these machines are having orgasms, too. I'm just trying to give.

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