Bloomberg Writes His Own Report Card

Thankfully, there's no term limit on the Constitution and its protection of students

As I noted last week, police and SSAs are far more likely to be involved in non-criminal conflicts with "poor, black, and Latino" students. The new anti-bias regulations, however, say nothing about harassment committed against them by disrespectful, unregulated SSAs.

At the August 14 introduction of the School Safety Act, as the NYCLU noted, among the supporting speakers at a press conference was "Yvonne Webster, mother of Biko Edwards, who was slammed into a brick wall, sprayed with Mace and arrested [by a School Safety Agent] for being in the hallway without a pass last year at Samuel J. Tilden High School" (emphasis added). Edwards is black.

While there is much pressure to end term limits and give Mayor Bloomberg a chance at a third term, the September 4 New York Sun tells us of a committee of political consultants and philanthropists championing Joel Klein as our next mayor, because "the chancellor's watchword [has been] accountability."

Really? And who has Klein been accountable to when it comes to student safety in the city's schools?

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