"It was the only stadium in those days to have wall-to-wall carpet in the clubhouse. No other stadium that I know had anything like that. You know, I came from a lower-middle-class background, so I had my spikes on to walk around in thick, wall-to-wall carpet in a plush clubhouse. It was incredible . . . And, actually, I couldn't really feel the carpet, because I felt like I was walking on air. And then, of course, walking down the tunnel into the dugout was just a magnificent walk. It was like the gates of heaven opened up for me." —Phil Linz (Yankees, 1962-65; Mets, 1967-68)


"You know, I played in a World Series, won a World Series, with the Mets. I was a veteran player by the time I became a Yankee, but the first time I put the pinstripes on and walked out of the dugout and up on the playing field—and I had been there before, but when I walked out and I was a Yankee, had the pinstripes—man, that was special. I felt the little short hairs on my neck go up, and I went: 'Wow.' I wasn't prepared to be awed, but I was." —Ron Swoboda (Mets, 1965-70; Yankees, 1971-73)

Don Schulze would like to request the big Babe Ruth bat.
Don Schulze would like to request the big Babe Ruth bat.

"I played for six different teams, so I put a lot of uniforms on and I went in a lot of stadiums. But Yankee Stadium, there is just something . . . and I guess it relates to the history of it. You know, the history of Yankee Stadium is darn near the history of baseball." —Billy Cowan (Mets, 1965; Yankees, 1969)

"When the season ended in 2004, I realized it was going to be my last day in uniform as a Yankee, and possibly my last time ever at the stadium. I had my bags and made my way to the concourse behind home plate, near sections 2 and 4. It was late at night, and the stadium was dark. I took a few minutes to sit there and look out at the field and the seats. Certainly, my playing career there didn't go well, but it didn't take away from the moment for me. I took my time and took it all in, remembering specifically places I sat with my father through our years as fans, the many opening days we went to, and the many disappointments of being a Yankee fan in the '80s. I got to wear the uniform I dreamed about since I was seven." —C.J. Nitkowski (Mets, 2001; Yankees, 2004)

"Yeah, it's the best uniform ever." —Don Schulze (Mets, 1987; Yankees, 1989)


"Better at Shea? [Laughs.] I'm going to have to come right out and say no, there isn't. Well, I guess I could say they had more flat-screen TVs in the locker room, you know, but that's probably changed by now." —Jason Anderson

"Oh, yeah, the players' lounge is way better. Or at least when I was there." —Shane Spencer

"Yeah, there is for a pitcher: right field. You didn't have to be as careful in the later innings with left-handed hitters in Shea. For a pitcher, that was probably the big thing." —Doc Medich (Yankees, 1972-75; Mets, 1977)

"The Yankee fans are tough fans. Yankee Stadium was a good family atmosphere on the weekends, but it could be kind of brutal during the week." —Phil Lombardi (Yankees, 1986-87; Mets, 1989)

"No [laughs]." —Phil Linz

"No. The thing about Yankee Stadium, you know you're walking on the same ground that some of the greatest players of all time have walked on. I'm not saying there weren't great players at Shea Stadium, but with the likes of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig and Roger Maris . . . I mean, the list goes on and on. Thurman Munson's locker is still intact. It's an aura of baseball history that is there. Just the history with Yankee Stadium, I think, far outweighs Shea Stadium." —Wally Whitehurst (Mets, 1989-92; Yankees, 1996)

"Not really [laughs]. Well, I liked the color blue with the Mets better . . . but that would be about it." —Don Schulze

"No. You know, the skeleton of Yankee Stadium harkens back to the Roaring '20s, for God's sake. And the franchise has existed so much longer and has been through several different eras. The Mets have been through eras—some good, some bad, some in between. It's like America and Europe, you know. Europe has history; America has a couple hundred years." —Ron Swoboda


"Probably the apple in center field at Shea Stadium." —Wally Whitehurst

"Well, I'm sitting here right now looking at these old benches I have from Comiskey. I mean, you definitely want to have some of the benches . . . Shoot, if you could get home plate—I mean, both of those places, man; everything that's put in both of those stadiums are worth having as keepsakes." —Lance Johnson

"I don't know if they change those home plates or pitching mounds around very much, but, you know, that'd be kind of neat to have." —Jason Anderson

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