"You know, I think I got one thing signed from everybody—one bat signed—in the five years I was there, so those kind of things don't really affect me too much. But I would say maybe a whole length of the Bleacher Creatures maybe, when they do roll call. That would be pretty cool. I liked roll call." —Shane Spencer

"Well, I don't know if they still have Mickey Mantle's locker, but if I had the choice of anything, I would take Mickey Mantle's locker [laughs]. You know, my locker was next to his for the first four years. In '62, '63, '64, and '65, my locker was directly next to Mickey." —Phil Linz

"I want that big Babe Ruth bat outside of Yankee Stadium." —Don Schulze

Don Schulze would like to request the big Babe Ruth bat.
Don Schulze would like to request the big Babe Ruth bat.

"I'd like the pitching rubber, the home plate, and my locker from Yankee Stadium. And enough of the flashing to make a fence around my yard." —Doc Medich

"I already have my piece of Yankee Stadium, and no, I'm not telling you what it is. In 2001, I told myself I might never be here as a player again and got my memory piece. It's pretty cool, and from people I talked to, it had been there since at least the renovation." —C.J. Nitkowski

"I'd like to have a set of seats out of Shea. That's all." —Ron Swoboda

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