On the Town with Jonathan Ames

A quasi-date with the writer, ringmaster, and newly minted graphic novelist

From Ames and Haspiel's The Alcoholic
Vertigo Books
From Ames and Haspiel's The Alcoholic

"It's encouraging that films like that still do get made," he says later. You think the movie should be re-titled The Silent Jews. Since when do New Yorkers keep their mouths shut during a family crisis? Afterward, you head to Noho Star. A rubber ball hits the wall beside you. It's disconcerting until you spot a wayward lacrosse jock on Lafayette. You take an outside table nevertheless, and as you wait in the cooling night, Philip Glass suddenly appears on the street corner, saying goodbye to a group of his friends. Ames, characteristically mellow, remarks: "It's a real New York evening now." Glass hugs his people, shakes their hands, sets off homeward. Neither of you know him, but somehow you both know where he lives.

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