Little Britain Stars Dish Gay Aiken!

Plus, shooting a dead Equus.

Girls who like girls will have no place in the next Bravo reality show. I hear it'll be Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys—a/k/a "the real-life Will & Grace," a/k/a the show about fag hags. See my blog for more details. . . . Boys who like boys have long gone to midtown's O.W. Bar, but spies say the place has changed hands and might even turn straight. . . . The Lord giveth, though: The best new gay to-do is Jonny McGovern's Boys Gone Wild on Thursdays at Mr. Black. It's a lively clusterfuck-style dance party, with sizzling go-go boys serving shots from a deserved platform. Check out the one who looks like James Franco.

The next big Thursday-night party might be Bananas, thrown by Susanne Bartsch and Kenny Kenny at Webster Hall beginning in November. Start readying your chinkle chankles. (Update: Kenny was allegedly manhandled by a thuggish worker at Home, and the Bananas opening might depend on whether the acupuncture works.)

But do offer your congrats to John Russell, who was just named senior editor of the gay mag HX. He once called me "an aging columnist" in his blog, so I know he's terribly astute!

Little Britain's David Walliams and Matt Lucas in the flesh
Danny Feld
Little Britain's David Walliams and Matt Lucas in the flesh


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While we're being dissed in Chelsea: In the middle of an invitational tasting at the Half King, the co-owner came over to greet me and ask my name. I was irked that the guy didn't have any clue as to who the fuck I was, but it later turned out that he was Sebastian Junger, so I guess we're even, tee-hee.

I felt better when, at a fancy luncheon at Michael's, I heard one staffer turn to another and say: "Who's Ronald Perelman?" Even more rivetingly, a TV exec at my table actually asked Bonnie Fuller: "What do you do?" "I'm in an interim situation," said Fuller, tactfully. It was a bash for the three-hanky Lifetime movie Living Proof, about the trials for the breast-cancer drug Herceptin, and publicist Peggy Siegal was brave enough to go to the main room, find Laura Bush and friends, and give them DVDs of the film. "She then said: 'Vote for Obama,' " joked co-producer Craig Zadan at the premiere later that night. How could you not vote for his weapon of mass destruction?

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