The Next American Revolution: When It Becomes Necessary To Bring King George to Justice

When, in the course of human events, it can't wait any longer

Also suggested by Velvel are "Teach-ins at universities on the question of war crimes" committed by the many potential defendants who served as Bush's high-level accomplices: Dick Cheney, David Addington, Michael Mukasey, et al. Such teach-ins were very effective in creating informed resistance to the Vietnam War throughout the country.

Another important mission for those who remember the final days of President Bill Clinton: "Resisting pardons, particularly advance pardons by Bush or the next president, before there are convictions."

Next week: How you and other American citizens can become involved in planning for a Nuremberg trial of administration officials by getting an invaluable, concise, and exceptionally clear account of much of the primary evidence—the Bill of Rights Defense Committee's newly published The 'War on Terror' and the Constitution. It's our new Declaration of Independence.

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