Watching the V.P. Debate with Young, Black, Palin-Proud Republicans

Watching the chronic winker with her outnumbered, seemingly unlikely supporters

The conversation then turned to Barack Obama and his record in Illinois.

"I'm from Chicago," said Tiffany Shorter, 28, who works at a conservative think-tank, the Hudson Institute. "Obama is kicking the poor people out of the South Side."

"If he can't clean up Chicago under Mayor Daly," said Brice, "he can't clean up America. If he gets elected, it will be a dangerous situation."

"He has good intentions," Jones volunteered.

"Name three things he's done," said Brice.

Jones drew a blank.

Talk then turned to taxes, and Democratic plans to help the underprivileged were denounced. Jones said she wanted mothers receiving welfare to be sterilized until they got off the dole. "If my taxes goes to supporting them, I should have some say in how it is spent," she said.

Palin, on the other hand, was a mother who set a better example. "Palin is the epitome of family morals," said Shorter.

"I think African-Americans need to see more of that," Davermann added.

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