In Praise of Chunklet

Hailing the most affectionately insulting 'zine in music history

"I could not think of a group of misfits and douchebags and sociopaths and philanthropists that could do a better job than we could of coming up with something like that."

Henry H. Owings, in disguise
Ryan Russell
Henry H. Owings, in disguise

So this fabulous enterprise is now a decade and a half old, a career longer than those of many bands skewered and celebrated in its pages. Has Chunklet softened, or gotten yet more curmudgeonly? A friend recently presented Henry with a rare copy of his very first issue, which suggests that above all he's simply improved. "I wince at it," Henry admits. "I'm like, duuuude. But it's no different than a demo. Ahh, you gotta start somewhere. To think where I came from and where I am now, it's completely rad, but do I think we're meaner? Sincerely, that was never my goal, to be mean. My goal was to do something that I and my friends and my peers would find both rewarding and entertaining. If I'm mean, I'm as mean to myself as I am to anybody, if not more so. If you really wanna play the 'Oh, Henry's mean' card, I'm like, 'Fuck you!' Did you see the five pages of singles I bought, that I listed numerically? I'm a fucking freak!"

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