As part of his outreach efforts to Muslims, Kelly has chosen two locals to serve as community coordinators, and the department has produced a video called "Islam 101" that is mandatory viewing in police precincts.

The NYPD's office of community affairs has risen in importance under Kelly—who hired a three-star chief, Douglas Ziegler—to head it up. Ziegler has in turn employed around 70 civilians to act as community liaisons.

But if Kelly is popular, his supporters tend to be people who like Bloomberg, and some are satisfied to see Kelly wait out another term before becoming mayor.

This reads "Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly"
This reads "Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly"

"You have a captain sailing a ship, and then he wants to get a cup of coffee," says Sperlin. "So he goes to his second in command and asks him to steer. But a hurricane is coming towards the ship. Would you give it to someone else to steer?"

Kelly himself isn't giving away any disappointment about having to wait. "I'm not addressing that issue right now," he recently told the Daily News, "but I think it's a great thing for the city that the mayor is running."

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