Surveillance: NYPD Retreats, FBI Takes Over

With the ghost of J. Edgar Hoover returning, Ray Kelly yields some ground to the NYCLU

In a little-publicized July appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee, General Mukasey actually let slip the range of surveillance the Bush directorate is determined to leave lurking in its legacy: "It is important," Mukasey said, "that we do everything we can to give our national security professionals—who will be confronting the Al Qaeda threat well after this administration is over—the tools they need to keep us safe."

FBI Director Robert Mueller indicates that he'd like to remain in office until his term ends in 2011. Will Obama agree? And who will be Director of National Intelligence or head of the CIA or National Security Agency?

If John McCain had won, I'd be on apprehensive edge about his Supreme Court nominations, but we should keep careful watch on a lot of the other Obama selections—for change we can agree with.

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