Top Café Tibet Is Stuffed With Good Food

A delicious new restaurant in Ditmas Park

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Top Cafe Tibet

1510 Cortelyou Road
Brooklyn, NY 11226

Category: Restaurant > Nepalese

Region: Ditmas Park


Top Café Tibet
1510 Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn, 718-941-2725

Dishes like lamb curry and pork chili are fine, but seem to be gestures toward what the owners think people might like, and they lack the soul of the more traditional Tibetan dishes. Still, nothing on the menu is more than $10, so you can afford to graze your way through it. At the end of the long, narrow dining room, there's a small counter with ready-made salads and curries, where you can take a look at the daily offerings. Just beyond the counter, you can hear the sputter of the oil and spices from the curtained-off kitchen. In warmer weather, you can sit in the small outdoor seating area that looks directly onto the Q train tracks. This makes for a good evening, especially if you combine it with Polish beer. Or Tibetan butter tea: a brew of tea, salt, and melted butter. Hot, salty butter is exactly what I need to get through the winter.

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