The Year's Fashion Lowlights

Presenting the first annual list of style's ugly moments

Most Distressing News to Emerge Thus Far From the Office of David Paterson: The sales tax on clothing is going up! The guv wants to take away the tax-free status of clothes under $110. (He's also proposing jacking up the tax on luxury goods like jewelry and furs costing over $20,000, but it's kind of hard to be too upset about that.) Plus it'll probably cost more to get to the stores and take longer to get there because, in case you haven't heard, mass transit is in the toilet. (Buy a $50,000 watch. Maybe some of the extra tax revenue will be diverted to the L train.) Then again, when you get to the stores, there is at least something positive to report. This year, expect to see the . . .

Rufus Harvey

Best End-of-Year Sales in Recorded History!: If everything is 80 percent off now, what's it going to be on December 26? Ninety-nine percent off? Happy holidays!

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