2008 Film Poll: Coming (at You) Soon

Jeffrey Katzenberg's cure for an ailing movie economy, in all three dimensions.


The Ninth Annual Village Voice/LA Weekly Film Poll
Critics turn into optimists, pick WALL-E as year's best
by J. Hoberman

2008 Village Voice/LA Weekly Film Poll Results

2008 Film Poll: The Sound of One Audience Member Clapping
Resourceful indie filmmakers are finding new ways of getting their movies into theaters. But will anybody come?
by Jim Ridley

J. Hoberman's Top 10 of 2008
by J. Hoberman

Katzenberg probably has just the ticket to survive an economic meltdown: light, all-age escapist fare presented in crystalline 3D—"the premium experience," he likes to call it. One need only look at the top-grossing films of the early 1930s: monster movies, Busby Berkeley musicals, and comedies starring the likes of the Marx Brothers and Mae West. Yesterday looks a whole lot like today, as Batman, Indiana Jones, Jack Black as a punching panda, a robot named WALL-E, and Meryl Streep singing Abba clog the box-office top 10 of 2008. Not a single somber, serious soul in sight. So, yeah, Seth Rogen as a 3D ball of goo? The very definition of Depression-proof, just maybe.

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