The Ninth Annual Film Poll

Critics turn into optimists, pick WALL-E as year's best.



2008 Village Voice/LA Weekly Film Poll Results

2008 Film Poll: Coming (at You) Soon
Jeffrey Katzenberg's cure for an ailing movie economy, in all three dimensions
by Robert Wilonsky

2008 Film Poll: The Sound of One Audience Member Clapping
Resourceful indie filmmakers are finding new ways of getting their movies into theaters. But will anybody come?
by Jim Ridley

J. Hoberman's Top 10 of 2008
by J. Hoberman

I'd argue that Rachel Getting Married participated in the positive-thinking zeitgeist as well. The plot may revolve around an obnoxiously disordered personality (Anne Hathaway) and feature the ultimate downer (death of a child), as well as divorce, competitive dishwashing, and a number of lesser domestic disasters, but the movie itself was overwhelmingly affirmative, if not positively utopian. Demme had organized the movie around the ultimate rainbow-coalition musical-fusion New Age wedding, which, as a colleague remarked, had everything but Jimmy Carter in a purple dashiki—an image of inclusion that might have been almost too prophetic.

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