Perez Hilton Dishes on Anderson Cooper

Attention, bottom-feeders: This column ends with blind items.

Which bizarre comic recently invited two teens to his house for an Emmy party when he wasn't really having one? Which '80s rocker's ex-girlfriend has one breast that's much larger than the other, obviously because the implant imploded? Should she implode the other one so at least they'll look even? What more current rocker shamelessly cheats on the highbrow wife, hitting on the babes as if he were single? How long before he will be? Which flamboyant '80s pop star is mad that I quoted something he wrote to a friend on Facebook? (Does he not realize that's a public forum for all the world to gawk at? That's kind of endearing.)

Which unctuous interviewer hung around a director's house naked in the '80s, sporting a hard-on while leering at the guy's daughters, "Hmm. You girls look tasty today"? (No, it's not Barbara Walters.) What scary yet magnetic chanteuse from the disco days faked a neck accident to get out of paying an overseas hotel bill? Which golden girl is supposedly a late-blooming lesbo who spends summers at gay resorts with her girlfriend? Which dazzling entertainer used to tip waiters with bags of coke? Which magazine whose name rhymes with Sanity Rare had a Christmas party where the food was so disappointingly inadequate that the staff fled to a nearby bar to eat? (To the editor's credit, he picked up the tab there and even sent an assistant with pizzas.)

Why did Ellen DeGeneres, in trying to get George Clooney on her show, have 12 girls stationed outside his house, holding signs that said, "Come out, George!"? Isn't it creepy that in Synecdoche, New York, Philip Seymour Hoffman thinks he's reading an obit for Harold Pinter? What is my Bahamas source gurgling about the Jett Travolta tragedy? ("The resort staff once told me they had no idea what was wrong with him, but he stayed up all night and slept during the day and had to be watched at all times.") What do I find is effective against my own seizure disorder? (Dilantin.) Who's the new me? (Just checking to see if you were paying attention.)

Dicey prepositions: The other Hilton
Hannah Ross
Dicey prepositions: The other Hilton


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