Hilarious Will Ferrell Interview!

A Q&A before he brings Bush to Broadway.

Anyway, a chick without a dick, Amanda Lepore, wasn't there, but her on-and-off boyfriend, a chiseled-faced young model named Timothy Visnovsky, came anyway. (You should see them together. It's very Jeff Koons.) Visnovsky told me he met the trannie extraordinaire at a club three years ago. "She asked me to dance," he said. "As we danced, I put my hand up her dress and asked if she gave good head." Aww! So romantic!

Visnovsky has Amanda's picture tattooed on his arm and his ex-wife Melanie's name emblazoned across his neck. With the latter, he fathered a six-year-old son who gives Amanda gifts and calls her "mom." Confused yet? It gets thicker. Lately, dad's been doing construction work for Lucky Cheng's and staying at the apartment of owner Hayne Suthon (along with swarms of other Mother Goose creatures). One night there, Visnovsky was sleeping in a pig suit—you heard me—and noticed that a Hasidic Jew was frantically trying to cuddle with him. So much for Jews hating pork!

But—I hate to go for the obvious—why the pig suit? "I was 86'd from Mr. Black," he explained, "so I wore it to sneak back in. They ended up loving it and hired me to come and wear it!" Alas, he's 86'd again—a long story—but he still wears the outfit when the occasion fits. "I wear it to get away with stuff," Visnovsky said. "Who's gonna be mad at a pig?"

"I did a good job."
Mary Ellen Matthews
"I did a good job."

You are, dear reader, if I don't leave you with this tasty gossip bit: The NY Reality TV School, where they teach people how to get onto a reality show, will now be the subject of its own such program. They just signed with Merv Griffin Productions. And TV gleefully continues its prime-time circle jerk.


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