Meet New York's Sex Bloggers

The 12 months of the internet’s sultriest sharers

Month: August
Blogger: Sinclair Sexsmith
Site: Sugarbutch Chronicles
The first day Sinclair got a new “lollipop” riding crop, he wrote on his blog, Sugarbutch Chronicles, that “I carried it around smacking it on the palm of my hand, my thighs, the table, my roommate—whatever I could. The sound is just so satisfying.” When he’s not busy reviewing sex toys shaped like candy, Sinclair is a feminist sex educator and proud “queer butch top” with a background in gender studies and erotica writing. Juicier posts are password protected, but there’s still plenty for the average reader to take in—wait, was that a pun?

Month: September
Blogger: Lux Alptraum
Site: Boinkology
Recently named editor of porn-news blog Fleshbot, Lux Alptraum also edits a slightly more Safe For Work sex site, Boinkology, which describes itself as “cute, dirty, and smart.” Lux isn’t the only blogger at Boinkology, which offers amusing, timely thoughts on sex. Highlights include stories about unique fetishes and crazy tales of sex on the internet. People are using Tumblr for smut? Someone is baking cookies with semen in them? A man in Ireland puts a potato in his anus? Boinkology is there!

Month: October
Blogger: Diva
Site: Debauched Domestic Diva
Diva spent twenty years as a docile housewife before stumbling across a fellow writer’s sex blog. Suddenly, according to the bio on her site, she found herself transformed, “debauched”—and writing about her exploits online. Like many of the bloggers in this calendar, she’s more likely to post photos of her cleavage than her face—though she’s come out of the closet for a good cause. Know any housewives turned horny lately?

A year's worth of sex bloggers
Stacie Joy
A year's worth of sex bloggers

Month: November
Blogger: Desiree
Site: BaserInstincts
A self-proclaimed cock lover, Desireee runs a personal blog called Baser Instincts, where she posts everything from her erotic reading list (most recent: The Big Penis Book), to her own sexy photos (most recent: her wet, dripping breasts pressed up against the glass door of her shower). A shot of Desiree looms in the background of the site, her legs spread, her hand clutching her bare chest, and her uncovered nipple seemingly watching like an unintentional eye. “I see you!”

Month: December
Blogger: Elizabeth Wood
Site: Sex in the Public Square
Not just a blogger but also a sociologist and an activist, Elizabeth uses Sex in the Public Square to take a more academic approach to sex, society, human rights. Written by a number of contributors, the site encourages sharing sexual knowledge—not in the kinky way, in the educational way. There, writers talk about sex workers’ rights, the history of LGBT Americans, genital cosmetic surgery: just about everything. A lot like Tess’ calendar, Sex in the Public Square brings members of the sex-blogging community together.

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Hmm, wonder how they're doing...I tried to order but the link for US customers redirects to a Canadian online pharmacy (?!?!) -- they really should've taken their clothes off, or been more revealing (g-string, etc.)...from what I can tell, it's lame stuff.

Okay so it's a worthy cause but like I said the link right now is kinda broken.