Hipster Runoff Explained (Maybe)

A (possibly) illuminating chat with Carles, the Internet's latest mystery man

So is there a long-term goal for HRO? A sense of how long you'll keep it up, of what you ultimately hope to "accomplish"?

I have a few projects that I am interested in to try to keep my life "meaning something," since "looking forward to something" and "accomplishing artistic goals" keeps me "going." I think in the next few months, I will have my debut EP.

It might be hard to convince people you're sincere in that-is that a concern?

We asked for a photo, and this is what he sent us.
Davis Ayer
We asked for a photo, and this is what he sent us.

Yeah, I've been thinking about my "brand" from the blog, and what the "music" will mean. But I just think it will be a pretty funny "experiment" when it comes to "online marketing a new buzz band." It's also just going to be funny to "expose myself" to criticism since I am theoretically a news/criticism source. It makes me wish that Pitchfork would "start a band" and capture its site aesthetic in a musical format.

What kind of music is it? What are your artistic aspirations?

I think the music will be post-bloghouse, or maybe post-Merriweather-post-core. I think overall, the goal is to try to make something that is both "good" and "bad" enough to take seriously.

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