Butcher Bay Shacks Up

Fried fish and chowder in the East Village

If you don't want to trek to Clemente's in Sheepshead Bay for all-you-can-eat blue crabs this summer, you'll be able to gorge on as many as you can crack open at Butcher Bay's crab parties. Granted, your crabs and beer will not be as cheap as Sheepshead Bay prices, but are reasonable for the East Village-PBR is $4, Yuengling and Harpoon IPA $5.

Seafood shack food is never as wonderful as it is on a beach, with seagulls vying for your french fries and the smell of grease and salt in the air. But city folks need fried fish, too, and Butcher Bay delivers it.

You will remember this lobster pot pie.
Joseph Pickard
You will remember this lobster pot pie.

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Butcher Bay

511 E. Fifth St.
New York, NY 10009

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: East Village


Butcher Bay
511 East 5th Street, 212-260-1333


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